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Transforming P2P with Coupa implementation

The client was a global FMCG major having worldwide operation. It was using on premise legacy procurement tool which was getting obsolete and out of support. The operational cost of the existing tool was also very high. As the tool was on-premises there were very limited mobility opportunities. The workflow capabilities of the existing tool were very limited, leading to a large turnaround time for PR and PO approval. The client wanted to implement a new-age P2P tool to streamline the procurement to payment process to reduce the operational cost as well as decrease the turnaround time in the procurement process.

Coupa was selected as the tool to transform the procure to pay process for the client. Thoucentric helped in rolling out the Coupa tool in more than 80 countries for the client. Thoucentric managed end-to-end program including internal and external stakeholders. Thoucentric developed and finalized data migration plan from the current system to the new system. Thoucentric mapped and reviewed current state of P2P process / tool and proposed improvements in process and team composition along with better templatization to streamline the current process. Thoucentric also optimized future state process or country wise requirement into Coupa solution architecture. It also helped to set up the service model, joiners, movers, and leavers process for an effective support.

The successful Coupa implementation was widely appreciated by the client business stakeholders and management. Post the Coupa implementation the average turnaround time for PR/PO approval reduced by 1 day. The business also envisioned a global savings of 7 million dollars per year due to the implementation of Coupa. Coupa also provided improved visibility in the entire PR/PO cycle, leading to reduction in queries at the time of annual audit.

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