Logistics is one of the key pillars of supply chain management, which deals with planning and implementation, controlling the movement and storage of products and services both forward and reverse, as well as related information throughout the supply chain.

While logisticians have been struggling to find the right balance between cost and service level, multiple supply chain disruptions over the past few years have amplified the need for agility, resilience, and responsiveness. With industries evolving, what was once seen as a cost centre, has now transformed into a value generator and a game changer. An efficient logistics network, cushioned by the right strategy, planning, and execution, has an immense impact on the service and value to customers.

Why choose Thoucentric?

With Supply Chain embracing the VUCA world, logistics have become a game changer for improving the bottom line of organisations across the globe. Numerous products and solutions are emerging in the logistics space to address optimisation, automation, visibility, transparency, and trust.

Thoucentric’s capabilities not only focus on solving these problems at hand but also focuses on getting the right solution at the right time and right cost.

Our SMEs and solution architects, with high technical competence and experience across industries, offer the transformation in the logistics space, which could make an organisation’s processes more strategic and value oriented. Right from business problem identification to implementation, we help organisations in creating the best bang for the buck. We can help your logistics journey towards being more digital, intelligent, and autonomous with the use of emerging tech like AI, ML and Predictive analytics.


Supply Chain Planning

Thoucentric focuses on leveraging latest technologies including AI/ML to sense the demand and align supply to maximize value. Our Supply Chain Planning team has deep knowledge of designing and deploying planning solutions using the leading cloud planning technologies in the market.

Digital Manufacturing

Thoucentric offers solutions to closely monitor and execute supply chain strategies to achieve the end goal – creating value for all stakeholders in the value chain. We provide technological expertise in all areas of Supply Chain Execution.


Cognitive supply chain can overcome the challenges in reacting to changes in the Supply Chain and improve the supply chain agility using Artificial Intelligence.