The world is changing with the digital revolution, using cutting-edge technology and the penetration of smart devices in traditional processes of manufacturing, which results in increasing their efficiency and the elimination of numerous types of predictive and unknown adjusting errors.

We assist our partners to lead the market by using our tried and tested models on digital manufacturing, such as Social Distancing and Safety Compliance, Computer Vision based Defect Management, Digital Factory, Predictive Quality, and Predictive Maintenance.

Why choose Thoucentric?

Our functional expertise can be further classified into five verticals:


  • Predictive Quality: By providing data-driven quality predictions in advance and highlighting the key drivers, our solutions recommend appropriate changes in operational parameters to reduce defects.
  • Digital Factory: From technology implementations to letting you manage operations using interactive control towers, our experienced consultants will assist you on your process digitization journey.
  • Social Distance and Safety Compliance: In today’s unprecedented times, it is very important to comply with the safety and distance requirements to avoid any hiccups in the operations.
  • Computer Vision-Based Defect Management: With real-time monitoring of defects and compliance, help your business to cut down on the cost of quality.
  • Predictive Maintenance: We plan ahead in order to prevent operations from being slowed down by faulty machines. Our proactive maintenance strategy aims to predict when a piece of equipment may fail so that maintenance can be performed before failure occurs.


Supply Chain Planning

Thoucentric focuses on leveraging latest technologies including AI/ML to sense the demand and align supply to maximize value. Our Supply Chain Planning team has deep knowledge of designing and deploying planning solutions using the leading cloud planning technologies in the market.

Supply Chain Logistics

Striving for Intelligent, Automated, Transparent and Sustainable Logistics Management.


Cognitive supply chain can overcome the challenges in reacting to changes in the Supply Chain and improve the supply chain agility using Artificial Intelligence.