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Supply Chain Planning

Creating Value though Supply Chain Solutions

Supply chain planning (SCP) is a dynamic and progressive process of synchronizing all organizational resources towards a common goal. Thoucentric optimizes the ways in which products, services, and information flow from inception in value chain to the consumer, without affecting the supply and demand balance. We focus on leveraging latest technologies including AI/ML to sense the demand and align supply to maximize value.

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Latest Thinking

Demand Sensing using AI/ML

Organizations are focussing on understanding impact of exogeneous factors such as weather, macroeconomic indicators, social media on customer demand in the sale forecast to improve forecast accuracy, especially in the short term. This in-turn helps to maximise service levels and optimise inventory.

Exception-based S&OP

Organizations are moving towards leaner S&OP, which involves AI /ML based hyper-segmented approach - To discuss only auto generated exceptions and What-if based scenarios instead of detail review of the total business portfolio - during business review meetings. This leads to shorter S&OP cycles with significantly reduced manual efforts enabling faster decision making by bridging gaps between risks & opportunities.

Our Solutions

Thoucentric offers subject matter expertise to drive complex programs and delivery for efficient implementation and process adherence.

Case Studies

Demand Sensing Platform powered by ML

Thoucentric built an advanced machine learning based Demand Sensing platform resulting in 10-15% improvement in forecast accuracy. This platform was customized as per client’s business environment incorporating extraneous factors such as Weather, Economic Indicators, Social Media Sentiments, Black Swan events along with historical sales & inventory levels.

Machine Learning based Solution to Production Planning

An CPG major was using spreadsheets to compute weekly production plans for its oral care units, with biases and inaccuracies vis a vis constraint. Thoucentric developed a machine learning based production planning solution coupled with heuristics to determine the likelihood of production in the future weeks resulting in plan accuracy of over 95%.

ROI realization for a Global Planning tool

Thoucentric assisted a major CPG player, who was aiming to improve its Supply Planning APO solution. Thoucentric introduced & integrated action-based analytics with current process to facilitate rapid delivery and faster decision making. This in turn led to savings of more than 43 Million Euros through reduction of excess inventories.

S&OP solution delivery across globe for a CPG Major

A major CPG player was dependent on MS excel-based manual planning processes in S&OP. This led to challenges such as data integration & quality issues, decision making in siloes and inconsistent processes and data formats across geographies. Thoucentric integrated multiple data platforms through an Anaplan driven technology platform to ensure consistency in processes across 20 markets throughout the globe, thereby delivering an overall 43% improvement in efficiency.

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