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Supply Chain Execution

Transforming Supply Chain Execution through Innovation

In supply chain, executing strategies is as important as defining strategies. Even a small deviation from the initially aligned plans, leads to huge deviation in the downstream supply chain. Thoucentric offers solutions to closely monitor and execute supply chain strategies to achieve the end goal – creating value for all stakeholders in the value chain.

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Latest Thinking

Logistics Control Tower and Digital Twin

A real time visibility and an ability to predict the impact on downstream events gives the execution team a competitive advantage in making informed decisions on the go. An AI / ML driven Logistics Control Tower and Digital Twin are two vital tools which are enabling the businesses to control the operations more effectively and quickly respond to the exceptions.

Predictive solutions for manufacturing

Digital factories i.e. factories with IOT enabled machines capture large amount of operational data which can be leveraged for advanced applications such as predicting the batch quality and thereby minimizing rejections due to quality issues or predicting the equipment maintenance to avoid unplanned stoppages. This in-turn reduces the down time and improves the overall efficiencies.

Our Solutions

Thoucentric offers subject matter expertise in all areas of Supply Chain Execution: Procurement, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Transportation. Thoucentric not only can help in identifying potential interventions that offer maximum value but also can help in unlocking and realizing the value through solutions that are relevant to Client’s business.


Case Studies

Predictive Quality for a Chocolate Manufacturer

A Fortune 500 firm, a chocolate manufacturer, was facing challenges in correlating quality failures with out of specifications process data which led to reactive approach in handling quality issues. Thoucentric built a customized ML based tool to measure & proactively control process attributes within the desirable range and recommend ideal process parameters to minimize quality rejections. The solution can help reduce the quality rejections by ~70%.

Setup of end to end Digital TMS landscape

A Global logistics company was looking to set up a future ready platform to manage long-haul logistics at scale. Thoucentric team implemented SAP TMS as a core platform with IoT Integration for Event reporting and Consignment condition tracking, Mobile apps for Driver, and deployment of Predictive and Learning models for ETA calculations and Real-time planning. The resultant platform was one of the most advanced Logistics platforms in India.

RPA Implementation for Supplier Performance Management

An CPG major was facing data sanity challenges to monitor the supplier performance. Thoucentric defined a global framework (Data packs) with standard datasets to standardize data extraction and consolidation activity. This led to a saving of ~ 8 manhours/week per factory.

Factory IoT Implementation for a global Beverage Firm

Thoucentric implemented IoT solution as a part of Digital Factory initiative for a global beverage firm. The solution provided visibility of opportunities to reduce energy costs and consumption, benchmark Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), early detection of deviations across production processes and precise fault analysis.

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Ashok Rathinam

Practice Lead – Supply Chain Execution

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