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Do you know that over 2.5 quintillion data bytes get generated daily and that generating appropriate insights from it to take quick and critical decisions can be a game changer for businesses worldwide? Harvard Business Review Analytic Services has recently revealed in one of its surveys that, 86% of organizations worldwide require enhanced technologies to make data-driven decisions in the moment, which is the key to standing apart from competitors!

Recent reports have pointed towards the fact that out of 100 business users for whom a license is purchased for usage of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, only 22 of them on average use them to draw insights. This is owing to the requirements of specialized skill sets for leveraging these solutions, which many business users generally do not possess.

Business users across organizations tend to be dependent on trained analysts for obtaining reports and dashboards from datasets. Although these can be very impressive, business stakeholders typically tend to have more questions by looking at the reports and charts, which cannot be planned for in advance by analysts. This results in a wait time of another 4 to 7 days for these stakeholders to get information that they can use in decision-making.

Self-service analytics solutions can play a very important role in empowering organizations to draw powerful insights from huge volumes of data stored in databases without being dependent on specialized analytics teams. Users can use these solutions to enter queries in simple English language, which is similar to how they would search for information in google, and thus interact directly with large volumes of data in real-time, drawing insights faster and accelerating their process of decision-making.

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