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Removing inefficiencies in the revenue projection & demand planning processes

Problem Statement

  • Inefficient process for revenue projections and performing demand planning S&OP

Key Challenges addressed?

  • Data scattered across platforms leading to strenuous manual work in getting the visibility
  • Existing system did not provide flexibility to planners to view customized report”

The Impact

  • Planners could review monthly changes in profit projections
  • Enabled planners to receive information from IBP into ECC and APO (for running costing optimizer runs)

How we helped to Solve the problem?

  • Brought in cost and pricing information from ECC and APO and mapped it to relevant key figures
  • Worked with IBP team on the key figure configurations and helped in Designing HCI flows
  • Managed cut-over activities as part of move to productions”


  • Food Processing (Cargill)

Functional Area

  • Supply Chain Planning

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