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Predictive Quality Platform

Thoucentric Predictive Quality Platform identifies quality issues or defects in a production batch through advanced machine learning models and optimization techniques, enabling proactive control of the process parameters.

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Reduction in Quality defects hence rejections
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Automated Process with live predictions
Automated Process with live predictions

Predictive Quality Platform - An Overview

Highly automated and heavily instrumented production environments present both opportunities and challenges, to the plant quality teams.

Thoucentric’s Predictive Quality Platform assists the plant quality team to identify relationships between process parameters and production deviations.

The platform provides simulation and recommends environments to test out the deviations in production parameters and the likely impact on product quality.


  • 30% -40% reduction in defects resulting in margin augmentation
  • Simulation to identify the key equipment parameters leading to quality defect
  • Visualize historical bad batches and the reasons for the same
  • Alert mechanism to keep the plant team aware as soon as a potential defect is flashed
  • Insights on the historical performance of production processes across batches

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