Reflects our culture!

Neon is a concept unique to Thoucentric that nourishes the spirit of our company’s culture. Our values are more than words to us and each Thoucian embodies them into reality.

Known by skills

*Not by designation

You are your own competition

*Not the peers

Problem solving experts

*Not by route but by craft

What is NEON?

People form the core of our Business, and we realise how incredibly crucial all the Thoucians are to our overall growth and sustainability. We believe empowering individual greatness, most effectively translates into organisational excellence. NEON is the engine that drives this belief.

Our Employee Experience Matters

Our culture empowers our employees to direct their journeys.

Organization Pulse Check

A real-time pulse check on how much our employees value and enjoy the organisational activities.

Contemporary Take on Talent Management

We were an early adopter of redefining traditional talent management.

Hear from Thoucians

The Introspection Framework

Our copyrighted introspection framework has created a premise wherein all Thoucians can plan and create their own goals and build a cadence in the system to track their progress. Free-flowing journeys that are penned in a storytelling format are composed by Thoucians to evaluate themselves at the end of the year. We believe our people's shared values ensure honesty and sincerity in these self-assessments.

Gears to enable Introspection Framework

Our introspective exercises are held throughout the year to help people become more aware of themselves and reach their full potential. We have a mature support system that aids in implementing these initiatives.

  • Goal Sheet
  • Take the wheel
  • Journey Sheet
  • Year-end introspection
  • Skill Grid
  • Thoucentric’s Skill Competency Framework
  • Milestone
  • Pit-stops to goal achievement
  • Growth Elevator
  • Career growth map at Thoucentric