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Demand Sensing Platform

Fast-moving trends rapid changes in the business environments, and concomitant changes in consumer behaviour, makes it critical to track the demand closely especially in the short-term horizon.

Thoucentric Demand Sensing platform (DSP) delivers accurate short-term demand forecast leveraging inputs from disparate systems such as endogenous & exogenous demand drivers.

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Increased short-term demand forecast accuracy
Increased short-term demand forecast accuracy
Improved Inventory Positioning
Improved Inventory Positioning
Enhanced Service Levels
Enhanced Service Levels

Demand Sensing Platform - An Overview

Thoucentric’s DSP is a no-touch automated supply chain solution that predicts short-term demand based on historical events and short-term fluctuations in the downstream, with a superior accuracy than traditional supply chain tools and processes.

Our solution combines information such as daily demand & real-time signals from all points in the supply chain with diverse external business indicators such as point of sale data, currency fluctuations and weather forecasts based on the product category.

These datasets are fed to our data processing and predictive analytics engine to detect patterns in seemingly unrelated data. The output is a short-term demand forecast adjustments that drives informed production plans and distributions.


  • Improved short-term demand forecast accuracy by ~30-40%
  • Increased inventory accuracy by up to 20% leading to optimal inventory levels
  • Reduced inventory requirement and transportation cost
  • Enhanced Service Levels

Product Snapshot

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