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Next Gen DMS implementation

Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 80%

When the customer came to the Thoucentric team for assistance, they were dealing with a wide range of challenges. Several difficulties, including the ones listed below, came to light as a result of this:

  • A promotion that is unsuccessful and poor compliance overall
  • Because of a system that is not centralised and does not operate in real-time, the time that is spent on Salesforce and administration is not being utilised to the most extent of its potential.

Following a thorough investigation and analysis, the team discovered the use of an ageing system that lacked end-to-end seamless integration and, in its current configuration, required the utilisation of a battery of MIS resources. By implementing an application, the team at Thoucentric was able to overcome this disturbance and produce a centralised and real-time DMS as a result. An Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 80% was also achieved as a consequence of this approach.

In addition to Mobility and IQ analytics , the Thoucentric team was successful in putting into action a Newspage DMS.

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