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Leveraging Central Finance for Overheads Cost Analytics

The client was a global FMCG major having operations in almost all countries across the world. It had a very complex organization structure and further had a complex technology landscape to support this organization structure which included 4 SAP instances and multiple upstream and downstream systems. Due to this complexity as well as process differences, the client was facing a challenge in getting an end-to-end visibility on the overheads cost within the organization. The client wanted to consolidate all the information in one single place to streamline the reporting for overheads cost.

S/4 HANA Central Finance was chosen as the tool to consolidate the data from all the upstream systems and to act as a base for Overheads Cost reporting. Thoucentric engaged with the all the system owners to understand in detail the complex technology landscape. Thoucentric recommended the best process to get the data from all the upstream systems into Central Finance. Thoucentric also went further and managed the end-to-end implementation of the Central Finance for the client right from blueprinting to hyper care. As an extended arm of business, Thoucentric ensured that all the business requirements are captured to their last details during the requirements gathering phase and ensured that these are implemented during the execution phase. Thoucentric also suggested the use of PowerBI as the reporting suite to streamline the reporting of Overheads Costs and managed the end-to-end delivery of the PowerBI dashboards to simplify and streamline the Overheads Cost reporting for the finance end users.

The successful Central Finance implementation was one of the largest Central Finance implementations in the world. The time for Overheads Cost reporting was reduced by 2 business days. It helped the business to divisionalize their overheads cost to correctly assess the performance of each division. The PowerBI dashboards provided an easy and intuitive way to slice and dice the overheads cost data and take corrective actions where required.

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