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Learning continues..

We at Thoucentric believe in continuous learning and we are trying to build this as a part of our culture & DNA. A culture where learning never stops!

Recently Jim Kim, a team member at Thoucentric, got PMP certified. We caught up with him for a casual coffe chat to know more about his journey.

First, I would like to congratulate you for getting PMP certified.
Jim: Thanks a lot.

We would like to know why you went for this Certification?
Jim: I have been managing multiple projects for past few years, with focus on implementing best practices. Most of the learning was from my MBA days and experience I gained working with my peers and Managers. But still, I felt something was missing, so I thought about gaining formal certification in the field would help in bridging the gap. With multiple certifications on Project Management available, I found PMP from PMI as one of the most rigorous and globally accepted certificate for Project Management Professionals. So, I decided to go for it.

That’s good, would you like to share your certification Journey.
Jim: The first step was to gain formal 35 contact hours, which one could get through a classroom or online session. I chose classroom sessions at a local center in Bangalore. The next step was to complete the application online on PMI site, where information regarding PM work experience and other details needs to be provided. Once the application is accepted, exam can be scheduled.

Before scheduling the exam, I needed to prepare, which was the toughest part. I read PMBOK guide thoroughly, which has all the details on how a project should be initiated, planned, executed, controlled and closed. Practical exposure to PM work, helped in understanding the logic well. Once the book was completed, next step was to practice multiple mock tests and analyze the results, so as to minimize the mistakes in the real exam. In case of doubts along with other sources, Thoucentric folks helped, who are PMP certified and shared the best practices.

Sounds tough. How many hours you used to spend daily for the preparation?
Jim: I spend about 4-5 hours daily, for 45 days or so to complete my preparation for the final exam.

How were you able to balance work, family and preparation?
Jim: Thoucentric provides conducive work environment, with a good work-life balance which helped a bit. Additionally, I planned my preparation strategically during the lean season, when client deliverables are low. I had to cut down on leisure time a bit, but the result is worth it.

Good to know. So how was your exam day experience?
Jim: Exam is for 4 hours, having 200 multiple choice Qs. Most of the Qs were tricky and multiple options may be correct. One needs to identify the most apt option, due to which one needs to understand the logic in totality. I was able to complete the exam, with 5 mins to spare, the result was that I passed the exam with Above Target score and I was on cloud-nine.

Congrats again. How would you be using the knowledge in your daily worklife.
Jim: At Thoucentric many of us are working as Project/Program Managers, handling multi-million dollar projects. The knowledge I gained from the certification would help me plug the loopholes and be able to deliver the projects within the triple constraints, achieving stakeholders delight.

Any advice for the future aspirants?
Jim: Keep focused and don’t panic. If you have the right experience and have done through preparation, you would be able to crack the exam.

It was nice talking to you. Best of luck for future assignments.
Jim: Thanks

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