The IT Infrastructure Operations team at Thoucentric is responsible for the administration and management of technology, information, and data. IT Infra Ops team encompass all the activities involved in the setup, design, configuration, deployment, and maintenance of the IT infrastructure that supports business services. We have moved to the forefront of service delivery and are a key driver of operational stability.

Our team manage a variety of elements including servers, processes, resources, networking, storage, databases, software, cloud-based services, security, and compliance. We are also responsible for creating policies, optimising infrastructure, conducting DR drill as part for business continuity, installing upgrades to keep environment current by patching, hardening as per IT security policy, remediating vulnerabilities on all the Infra components, maintaining security and compliance by ensuring period audits.

Why choose Thoucentric?

Thoucentric is a niche consulting firm where we have strong IT Infrastructure Operations Management professionals with over 10years of experience, while Infrastructure Operations tasks might sound technical, what team at Thoucentric do is to closely align with broader organizational goals, strategies, and operations. Put more simply, Infra Operations teams are tasked with staying up to date on technological innovations and helping organizations meet their digital needs and goals. Further, they help to scale technological innovations effectively while enabling businesses to increase the quality of services while also reducing costs.

We do have a strong In-House pool of resources with relevant experience who work collaboratively and support each other as and when necessary. We have partnered with our other clients previously and helped them in smooth IT operations activities. We do proper impact analysis prior to / during the process and retrospective analysis post completion of the process to ensure the IT Infrastructure Operations activities are well planned and executed.