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IBP – S&OP Stabilization for Health Product Major

IBP – S&OP Stabilization for Health Product Major

Business Problem and Asks

  • Poor adoption of IBP by the business.
  • Aligning uniform process across markets, while allowing for market-specific variations.
  • High lead time for Roll-outs & Enhancements.
  • Non-scalable design leading to challenges in business adoption.
  • Sustaining the system usage by fulfilling enhancement requests.

Solution Design Approach

  • Handholding Planners to improve S&OP Process & IBP Adoption
  • Standardized Processes through configurable & modular design
  • Managed complex business requirements through standard IBP features

Business Process Flow

Annotation 2020-10-08 142039

Business Impact

  • Improved Adoption through effective change management
  • Increased S&OP process coverage in IBP
  • Effective Design Review & Change Request (CR) Process
  • Minimized Testing effort required in each Roll-Outs
  • Single IBP platform resulted in a global perspective in S&OP

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