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IBP Demand Planning for Food Processing Major

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IBP Demand Planning for Food Processing Major

Business Problem and Asks

  • Unable to segregate promotion impact to generate baseline forecast for short term
  • Inability to build consensus demand due to planning in silos
  • Enable different Forecast Models / Algorithms for different Product – Customer – Location combinations
  • Maintain Data consistency for adjustments provided at a higher level
  • Identify gaps between customer demand and financial plans

Solution Design Approach

  • Configured various Forecast Models and Algorithms via Forecast Profile Assignments
  • Considered Product Segmentation, Seasonality, New Product Launch scenarios
  • Near term demand plan based on Open Sales Orders, Shipment & POS data
  • Incorporated sales promotions, & macro-economic trends to refine the statistical forecast

Business Process Flow


Business Impact

  • Reduced man-hours required for planning by 30%
  • Improved Forecast Accuracy of 35% from earlier levels
  • Enabled cross-location planning in IBP with What-if analysis
  • Created custom Views, Dashboards for Output analysis
  • Automated Alerts to resolve critical exception scenarios

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