GRC is an integrated set of skills that enables an organisation to act with integrity, address uncertainty, and reliably achieve goals. Thoucentric’s team is well versed in regulatory framework requirements like FCTC, T&T regulations like TPD, UAE, Russia, etc., and end-to-end track-and-trace solution deployment expertise using the InExto Suite, which would secure the distribution of legitimate products and be able to identify potential points of diversion.

Why choose Thoucentric?

With a dedicated focus on execution, we help organizations solve business problems through technology and process solutions. Our teams focus on managing and collaborating with various vendors to ensure efficient implementation of each project. With our extensive experience installing and configuring InExtor and InExpress applications, we work closely with factory IT and InExto support to ensure smooth and successful completion of each phase.

Our team’s in-depth knowledge of FCTC and respective regional regulations, ensures successful implementation of the T&T project at an effective time. Thoucentric also has strong project management skills, which assists in preparing detailed and effective plans to collaborate with different teams. Our practice has a strong hold on technology adaptation to ensure each minute change is studied and documented. With our change management skills, we ensure migration to new technology is seamless and rollouts are planned with minimal downtime.

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