To enable more accurate and efficient business planning, the Thoucentric team connects finance users, processes, systems, reporting requirements, etc., to create a holistic picture of business activities. We provide end-to-end solutions in this space as a project manager, subject matter expert, and stakeholder manager.

As we continue to evolve, we are adopting advanced new technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced reporting tools to automate the planning processes. This will increase efficiency and lower costs in our planning processes.

Why choose Thoucentric?

At Thoucentric, we understand the value of working hand-in-hand and in collaboration, and we apply the same belief when crafting a solution for our clients. Thoucentric consultants come from different industries with rich domain expertise in the financial planning space. We have successfully delivered 7+ large-scale projects across areas like planning and budgeting, forecasting, predictive analysis, and financial modelling.

By understanding the process and need for innovation in this space, we constantly upgrade ourselves to the latest trends, tools, and technologies and apply them while problem-solving, ensuring better business decisions. Through our learning and development planning, we enable all FP&A consultants to play all roles required in this space, such as architect, analyst, data scientist, storyteller, and influencer, so we have a holistic approach to the problem without many dependencies on other teams.

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