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Ecommerce automation for a global multinational FMCG firm

Saved manual effort by ~ 50 hours
across all processes

Due to the lack of an automated system, the client’s processes were inefficient, resulting in lengthy labour hours. They also faced the loss of data and miscommunications, rendering them unable to visualize and track important parameters like sales, spending, etc.

Although faced with budget constraints, a lean team with limited IT resource availability, and resistance to change, Thoucentric was able to implement a robust platform for the client. As a result, we were able to save almost 50 hours of manual effort across all processes, optimize costs, improve decision-making, and plan resources more efficiently.

By identifying automation opportunities across Ecommerce processes, we were able to design the automation framework to create an ecosystem of data, applications, execution, and support system. Our team also created a budgeting and planning application, as well as a performance management system for creative improvement and investment optimization. By creating Power BI reports, we were able to track stocks across all locations including traffic generated, pricing and conversion. The team also made use of an analytics model (Fuzzy logic, regression, K-means algorithm) to optimize campaign bids.

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