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Dream Together!

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See what Prince has to say about our culture and our dreams as a team.

Dream Together

It’s 6 pm in the evening. Sitting at one of the high tables of our cool new office, figuring the next task after my call, I stare outside the window. Last rays of sun are smearing one of the corners with roads outside crouched with cars. It has been a long journey for me and for this wonderful place – Thoucentric!

From 8 people when I became of part of it to Sixty, in less than 20 months, these are not just numbers. They reflect myriad memories, arduous work, oodles of fun and grandiose dreams.

I look around, people with beaming faces, indulged to work amidst cheerful conversations – What makes Thoucentric so special? My eyes gaze at the wall with a quote by John Lennon painted with his archtop guitar:

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream

A dream you dream together is reality”

Energy all around

Scientists, Design thinkers, Story tellers – Find them all at one single place. The contagious energy which Thoucis carry along has been a real motivation to work and keep transferring that positive vibe to others.

Learn and Deliver

With some of the greatest minds trying to solve most complex problems not only provides a great never-ending learning platform but constantly keeps you out of comfort zone to get the best out of you, be on your toes to deliver the best. Exactly what customers want.

Freedom and Trust

Getting out of the comfort zone needs the freedom to take decisions, support to work on your ideas and relentless engagement with your mentors who challenge while fully accepting what you are longing for. A constant at Thoucentric, I keep enjoying these interesting stints.

A long road filled with success stories, challenges and lot of fun beckons and we at Thoucentric just can’t wait for it. Bring it on!


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