The data warehousing and business intelligence team at Thoucentric work on facilitating companies to have agile access to a Data Storage Warehouse, organized in a manner that improves business performance, and delivers fast, accurate, and relevant data insights. Data warehousing is our backbone, and we help clients in choosing the right data warehouse and in designing a scalable architecture. Our core capabilities lie in evaluating business needs, designing data warehouses, and integrating and visualizing data using dashboards and visual analytics.

We specialize in evaluating an organization for its data warehouse maturity and business architecture alignment and then creating a data warehouse design, reflecting on alternative design methodologies, and design goals. We also create data integration workflows using prominent open-source software.

Why choose Thoucentric?

Our team consists of professionals with vast experience in building architecture which is future-ready and in providing top-notch database consulting, along with supporting data warehouse migration and helping in setting up a single version of truth for business processes. Our offerings span across a wide variety of domains, including consumer goods, automotive, digital commerce and logistics and supply chain and many more.

Our Business Intelligence capabilities are focused on generating powerful business insights, in diverse areas, including product positioning, pricing, profitability, sales performance, and forecasting, we strive to help companies of all sizes reap the benefits of operational and strategic efficiencies.


Applied Research

Productionizing cutting-edge technologies for our customers.

Business Analytics

Leveraging advanced analytics for facilitating powerful business decisions.

Data Science

Turning data into insights by leveraging advanced analytics.