The Business Analytics team at Thoucentric, specializes in offering solutions, that target the sweet spot of customer successes, resulting in improved efficiency and revenue, or reduced costs. We bring rich functional analytics expertise by leveraging advanced technologies like AI/ML, optimization, and data engineering for solving a breadth of business problems ranging from customer and marketing analytics to operations and supply chain analytics across a diverse set of industries.

At the same time, we recognize that not every business problem needs a machine-learning approach to deliver value. By keeping this in mind, we also provide frameworks that scrutinize data and evaluate the best approach for driving customer success.

Why choose Thoucentric?

As a consulting firm, we have empowered numerous companies to leverage the power of analytics and machine learning for unlocking powerful insights from large volumes of data, and in this way, helped them to take the right business decisions at the right time. We believe in solving complex business problems spanning a breadth of industries, including but not limited to, consumer goods, automotive, digital commerce and logistics and supply chain.

Our team comprises experienced professionals with several years of rich industry and functional experience, who strive in following a holistic approach towards building, testing, and deploying advanced analytics solutions to ensure quality at every aspect of the project. We collaborate end-to-end with stakeholders in all phases of projects and focus on execution with the help of three drivers- cost, quality, and revenue by keeping YOU at the centre!

Case studies

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Applied Research

Productionizing cutting-edge technologies for our customers.

Data Science

Turning data into insights by leveraging advanced analytics.


Driving data strategy and quicker insights with effective data architecture.