The applied research team at Thoucentric specializes in productionizing cutting-edge technologies to add value to its customers or prospective customers by doing focused research on pushing the bar on the current state-of-the-art. It ventures into new and exciting applications of machine learning and strives to diversify its offerings on a continual basis. While enhancing the repertoire of solutions offered to customers, we aim to give back to the data science community in terms of published research papers, knowledge-sharing sessions and open-source contributions.

Why choose Thoucentric?

Our researchers strive to push the boundaries of making the best out of available data and building new capabilities for drawing insights and engaging in data-driven decisions. The team comprises of professionals backed by rich experience in the analytics space and capable of thinking out of the box. It also specializes in performing cutting-edge research in diverse areas such as predictive analytics, augmented intelligence, computer vision and NLP to name a few, as well as efficiently communicating complex insights and implementing solutions at scale by applying their rich functional expertise.

Case studies

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Business Analytics

Leveraging advanced analytics for facilitating powerful business decisions.

Data Science

Turning data into insights by leveraging advanced analytics.


Driving data strategy and quicker insights with effective data architecture.