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Time-saving interactive and automated dashboards that prepare manual presentations and reports

The client was a Pharma major with operations across the globe. The client was facing issues in financial modelling beyond their nicotine portfolio, as it involved manual intervention in excel for various archetypes, KU, and approaches followed by manual updating of presentations to prepare reports, thus taking a lot of time for end users. This also led to errors as well as lead to efficiency issues. The client required a dashboard for financial models beyond the nicotine pipeline to help them to generate reports and presentations efficiently.

Thoucentric managed the end-to-end delivery of creating a system-based solution incorporating a calculation engine, business logic, version modelling, and other features for running financial models for various portfolios beyond Nicotine portfolios. This would enable project valuation in a standardized way, leveraging a structure and defined template, along with dashboards in the solution proposed to present portfolio visualization and presentations. Thoucentric partnered with businesses to understand the business requirements and translated them into the functional specification for the development team. We were also able to oversee total project management to ensure that all the project milestones were met within the agreed timeline and cost. Experts from financial planning and analysis team, as well as forecasting, were part of the team that helped ensure smooth implementation.

After careful consideration of the available tool and spreadsheet, the Dashboarding Lite web solution was selected based on the features below and was customized as per the business requirements

  • Table settings, including merging cells, filtering, sorting, conditional formatting, etc
  • Supports data analysis functions, including pivot table, column operation, etc
  • Enhanced functions such as excel import, insert a picture, data validation
  • Automated Dashboards generated on the fly based on pre-defined criteria

We were able to develop a tool for financial modelling and create dashboards for various portfolios beyond the Nicotine Portfolio of the PMI Life Sciences team. Post the successful implementation, there was one system for all the financial models, allowing the user to track and create financial models and generate reports as per requirement for presentations. Tools like Power BI, MS-office, Python & Java were used for solution implementation. By facilitating spreadsheet-based workload management, graphical insights and dashboards were generated on the fly from Excel data.

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