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Digital demand forecasting using advanced planning tools can improve your forecast accuracy by nearly 10% and bring in cost savings to the tune of millions of dollars, besides reducing back-orders, lost sales and improving operational efficiency.

The demand planner performs a number of steps beginning with preparing data, forecasting, integrating market data, reconciling, developing a final forecast, and finally developing a dashboard to track several KPIs.

With the future becoming increasingly digital, demand planners are using machine learning-based solutions to replace excel spreadsheets or less efficient home-grown planning solutions. But implementing the above steps as a planner can be a tedious task with market uncertainty and an explosion of ML-based forecasting tools.

With decades of expertise across multiple domains & industries, our experts at Thoucentric can transform your demand planning journey and help you choose the right solution. Discover how we’ve helped a global automobile giant reinvent their demand planning journey.

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