We believe that every company has to contribute to a brighter future. Today, we’re privileged to work with organizations that are on a new growth journey, one that pursues sustainability, inclusion, and economic growth, all at the same time.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Thoucentric supports the company’s purpose to power an inclusive future for all businesses that benefit the future of humanity and our planet.

By putting people, technology, and resources at the forefront, we provide everyone with the opportunity to thrive and contribute to a future that is ethical, sustainable, and successful.

Let us contribute to bring a smile

Through CSR, employees are empowered to spread a positive influence in the community, by leveraging the corporate resources available to them.

Aiming to add value to the world’s most precious resource, children, the Thoucentric team visited the non-governmental organization Shishu Mandir, an organization committed to providing free and holistic care for disadvantaged children. The orphanage needed daily grocery items as well as stationery. As a result of donation camps set up throughout Thoucentric offices, we were able to collect and support young children in need.

Thoucentric aims to cultivate a culture of ‘helping others in need’, which embodies our purpose as a place where everyone is family. It is our belief that even the smallest actions can have a profound effect on a community.

Making a positive social impact

Having a major mission and vision is amazing, but it also often derails many businesses in making a positive social impact. By constantly innovating, adapting, and evolving, Thoucentric helps make a long-term difference by taking small steps that go far, bringing positive changes to every corner of the world.

To continue the tradition of keeping people at their core, Thoucentric organized a blood donation drive at our Tin factory office to extend support, set examples, and give hope. Employees of our company once again demonstrated their spirit of ‘helping others’ in the community by donating blood to save lives.

We step up to spread awareness for this cause and to touch lives and make a difference in the world.