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Business analysis and product development for a leading crypto exchange

The client was a large cryptocurrency exchange operating on multiple continents with a very complex technology landscape. Compared to their competitors, the client’s platform lacked some key features, resulting in inefficient backend processes and unpleasant customer experiences. The platform was also unable to integrate with all the modern solutions and technologies, making it difficult to upgrade or scale.

We conducted detailed business analysis and outlined problem statements and bottlenecks on the existing platform. We also performed competitive benchmarking by analyzing other cryptocurrency platforms. Based on this analysis and thorough study, we identified the areas of improvement and proposed a new platform with the best practices and an exhaustive list of features in the market. We defined the sprint-wise product roadmap for the web, android & IOS.

While designing the platform, we did not restrict ourselves to the current business requirements but designed the product by keeping in mind future business opportunities such as derivatives and P2P lending. We partnered with all the business stakeholders to define the business requirements and translated them into functional specifications for the development team. We managed the end-to-end product delivery using standard DevOps practices, building smaller features that ensured improvement with early feedback, monitoring, and analysis.

We built a platform on Web, Android & iOS systems to incorporate market best practices and features for a seamless cryptocurrency exchange, along with the flexibility to include opportunities such as derivatives platform, P2P lending, NFT marketplace, OTC, and admin panel overhaul. By defining and setting up an IT ecosystem that allowed the client to adapt to current trends, we were able to develop a flexible platform that supported future innovation.

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