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Automated Insights and Actioning tool for a global FMCG

The client came to Thoucentric faced with challenges in driving the business outcome of their online sales on the Amazon platform. This was primarily due to a lack of proper visibility of its sales and operational metrics in the Amazon channel.

The client faced issues like stock-outs, no visibility on lost sales, and leakages. Thoucentric’s team provided the client with solutions which encompassed automated insight generation and an actioning tool.

This resulted in the following benefits for the client:

  • Online Product availability/leakages visibility
  • Automated sales & profit metric insights
  • Automated ticketing in Amazon central to reduce Leakages in revenues

To combat the problems faced by the business, Thoucentric’s team was able to create an automated tool that can connect various data points present in web scraping of Amazon pages and Amazon reports, creating actionable insights. This tool can track the online availability and leakage (suppression, lost buy box, out of stock, unavailability, 3P variants) of the client’s products in Amazon and integrates with the RPA bot to file tickets in Amazon central to prevent lost sales.

The team used the Logic App, a Microsoft platform, to automate reading the Amazon responses and fed them into the tool for visibility over the ticket status in Amazon, also deriving KPIs that can provide insights into sales & profit management. These Actionable insights were calculated based on business logic and populated as a dashboard in Power BI.

The end-to-end integration and Pipeline creation from raw data ingestion to KPI calculation to Power BI visual representation were made using the Microsoft Azure data platform.

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