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AI-driven quality assurance in chocolate manufacturing

Defective chocolates produced because of variation in one or more of these factors entail the risk of loss of brand reputation owing to a lack of textural and sensory attributes desired by consumers. It also impacts the bottom line of companies negatively, coupled with reduced production yield. On the other hand, ensuring high-quality standards can significantly reduce internal as well as external costs of manufacturing.

One of the global leaders in chocolate manufacturing faced increased defects in its production process, which was much higher than the recommended industry standard. One of the key factors contributing to increased defect production was the lack of a proactive approach to control defects by addressing their root causes. This resulted in quality issues being investigated only when they occurred, resulting in large production downtime and inventory holdups.

The company desired to have a solution that could predict quality issues before they occurred by providing visibility and control over all attributes that play a key role in affecting the quality of manufactured chocolates.

Thoucentric collaborated with the stakeholder extensively throughout the project in developing and offering a predictive analytics solution, leveraging machine learning to put in place an intuitive dashboard, for predicting defects on a manufacturing line based on several parameters.

The holistic approach we followed in building and deploying the solution was a three-stage process. Data Analysis, Data Modelling and Simulation

This structured and methodical approach was one of the key factors responsible for resulting in a solution, capable of simplifying production operations and predicting defects before they occur. They resulted in a proactive approach towards maintaining high-quality standards and empowering the stakeholder to achieve improved quality checks of the final product.

The solution offered by Thoucentric predicted the quality of the resultant product and provided detailed analytics on the quality parameters of the finished product. It helped the stakeholder to realize a host of benefits like Real-Time Data Capture, Scalability, Efficient Simulator and Reduced Defects.

Note: We take the confidentiality of our clients very seriously. While the name of the client has not been revealed, the results showcased are real.

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