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AI-Driven Defect Reduction in Automobile Painting

Reduction in the number of defect occurrences in the days the solution was used compared to the number of days unused.

ML Models are built to predict the probability of the occurrence of paint defects on the fly and prescribe optimal conditions to be maintained in the painting booths.

Algorithms used for testing each model to select the best-performing algorithm and arrive at the optimum number of features for each model

The automobile industry is the most demanding in terms of quality, efficiency, productivity and mass-customisation, forcing organisations in this space, to look for state-of-the-art solutions in order to constantly improve and stay ahead of their competitors.

One of the leading automotive manufacturers, suffered from inefficiencies in its overall painting process of car bodies. This led to 90% of the car bodies passing its painting booths, to have at least one or more defects, causing the manufacturer to incur huge material and labour costs, along with lost sales opportunities, associated with cars, in which the final painted surface do not conform to appropriate standards. Some defects required extensive rework, up to the extent of repainting the entire car body.

The manufacturer desired to adopt a solution capable of predicting the probability of defects of cars as they are scanned, as well as prescribing optimum conditions to be followed in the paint booth, which would help it forestall paint defects.

Thoucentric and the stakeholder team collaborated throughout the project to create a roadmap for developing an AI-enabled solution, followed by its live deployment. The entire approach can be segmented into four central themes – Diversity of Data, Production Agility, Machine Learning and Modelling, and Optimisation

This holistic approach was pivotal in helping the automotive manufacturer achieve its vision of minimising paint defects in cars and ensuring that the surface quality of painted cars conform to requisite standards, since it is one of the most important aspects for a customer willing to purchase a car.

This AI-enabled solution is unique because of its Capability, Ability and Portrayal.

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